A Mexican Affair, created by Rafa Reyes.
All songs produced by Jeremy Williams & Felipe Fournier.
All songs arranged by Felipe Fournier.
Recorded at El Caldero Studio, Brooklyn, NY, on November 2nd & 3rd 2017.
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Sebastián Cruz.

1. "Sway" ("Quién Será")
Music and lyrics by Luis Demetrio/Pablo Beltrán Ruiz (1953). Lyrics in English by Norman Gimbel.

2. "Bésame Mucho"
Music and lyrics by Consuelo Velázquez (1940). Lyrics in English by Sunny Skylar.

3. "Granada"
Music and lyrics by Agustín Lara (1932). Lyrics in English by Dorothy Dodd.

4. "South of the Border"
Music and lyrics by Jimmy Kennedy and Michael Carr (1939).

The Band
Rafa Reyes: vocals
Felipe Fournier: vibraphone, jarana, pandero
Hugo Moreno: trumpet
Dan Martínez: acoustic bass
Joel Mateo: drum set
Jonathan Gómez: congas, güiro, peruvian box (cajón peruano), donkey jawbone (quijada)

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